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Product ID: TDS206
Standard Straight Sword ( KungFu/Taichi)
Standard Straight Sword ( KungFu/Taichi)

TDS206 Standard Straight Sword or tradtional Kungfu Sword

The Standard Straight Sword is a great choice for beginning practitioners.

  • Great for TaiChi or tridtional kungfu sword.
  • The blade of this sword has a bit of flexibility but it is perfect for tai chi or traditional kung fu.
  • The sword's blade do not bend when it tip down.

  • Includes tassel, scabbards
  • Free carrying padded case 

Available in 4 sizes!

Blade Length
Total Length
Sword Weight
28 inch
35 inch
1 lb 2.5 oz
30 inch
38 inch
1 Ib 3 oz
32 inch
40 inch
1 lb 5 oz
33.8 inch
41 inch
1 lb 6 oz

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Price: $45.99

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Kung Fu Sword

- February 09th 2017

Just received this weapon today. More than I expected. Well made and beautiful. One cannot go wrong with this item in their training arsenal.

Very Satisfied

- November 17th 2012

I just bought it and it looks and feels great. I will be doing a sword form demo on Chinese New Year and I cannot wait to use it.

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