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Product ID: No046-KungFu
Round Body Eight Diagrams Palm 游身八卦掌
Round Body Eight Diagrams Palm 游身八卦掌
No046 -Round Body Eight Diagrams Palm 游身八卦掌

Round Body Eight Diagrams Palm is one of the most famous Chinese traditional Wushu styles. Eight Duagrams Palm consists of palm techniques and step technique routines. Movemts are characterized a swift circular step which is adaptable to change. Eigth Dagrams Palm emphasizes continous movement through the walk, turn, and change, to avoid the opponent's frontal attack and to redirect the opponent's power against himself.

Format: Comes with both VCD (NTSC), VCD (PAL), and Book
Language:  Both Chinese and English

China's martial arts history originated in the Henan province of China.  Partnering with Henan Media Publications, KungFuDirect has produced this instructional series, breaking down the movements and applications of hundreds of different traditional and modern wushu styles.

List Price: $19.90
Price: $15.90

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