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Product ID: DV1016
32 Movements Tai Chi Sword 32式太极剑
32 Movements Tai Chi Sword 32式太极剑

32 MOVEMENTS YANG STYLE TAI CHI SWORD evolved from the traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Sword. It not only has the Yang Style Tai Chi’s flowing, graceful body movements but also includes the sword’s pointing, thrusting, sweeping, chopping skills. The whole set’s movements are slow and evenly spaced with light soft feeling. The postures are large and beautiful, but it is not difficult to learn. It is the best choice for beginning study of Tai Chi Sword. This DVD is divided into three sections The form opens into four segments with detailed instructions and special points for each movement by Master Li. Every process is explained in detail. In addition there are guidelines to point out common mistakes and items for attention. This will help the learner to establish correct actions, avoid errors, and progress efficiently from the beginning.

Format: DVD
Language: Choice of English or Mandarin

Price: $19.00

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great dvd

- March 09th 2012

You can use this to actually learn this form. great teacher, and he speaks english. Front and back form and detailed instruction in four parts. If you do tai chi and want to learn the sword get this dvd.

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