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TLW003 - Monkey Staff

The Monkey staff is made out of a special lightweight metal with a total weight of 1 pound 2 ounces,..


TLW006 - Traditional Big Spear

The Traditional Big Spear is a heavy weight weapon for the true traditional martial artist. The head..


TLW009 - Hook Spear - 传统钩镰枪 TLW009 - Hook Spear - 传统钩镰枪

The Hook Spear is one variation on one of the most famous weapons in Chinese martial arts. The head ..


TLW015 - Tai Chi Long Pole

3 sizes available:  107.5 inches, 117 inches, 130 inchesThe Tai Chi Long Pole is a heavy d..


TLW023 - Rattan Bo Staff

Crafted specifically for demonstration and exhibition purposes it is perfect for training and f..


WSL002 - Wushu & Traditional Spear WSL002 - Wushu & Traditional Spear

Wushu Spear made from Wushu Cudgel (wax wood staff ) with 3 different size spear heads available.**T..


WSL003 - Southern Cudgel 南棍

Flexible for traditional wushu training. Tapper wood, thinner on top. The cudgel or wooden stic..


WSL004 - Double Headed Spear - 双头枪

The Double Headed Spear is one of the more rare long weapons in Chinese martial arts. Used alone or ..


WSL005 - Premium Spear

NEW! Made out of Wax Wood. Overall Length Option:80 inches85 inches90 inchesSpear tip is made o..


WSL005-1 - Premium Large Tip Spear

NEW! Made out of Wax Wood. Made for traditional KungFu Practice.Spear tassel can choose the white co..


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