DW094-07 Hsing-I Bagua Essential Series - Double Fishes Sword by Sha Guozheng DVD

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DW094-07 Hsing-I Bagua Essential Series - Double Fishes Sword by Sha Guozheng DVD

The double-fishes sword has the shape like fish, bearing the Yin Yang fish in the bagua picture, so it is named double fishes sword. IT belongs to the short weapon in bagua. It is also called Ziwu mandarin duck sword, the arched sword and the antler sword. The double fishes sword has four shape tips and nine blades. It is small and exquisite. It is a short weapon that can be used as long one. It features as light, smart, flexible, changeable, and switched. It is smart and swift. The body gestures are lightning. It moves very fast. The body and sword integrate together, and it moves with the waist. When getting forwards, it moves and gets away at once. Passing through, sticking into, and twining. It moves like dragon, split and sweep both vertically and horizontally. It is as fast as a shooting star. The double fishes movement practices the body gestures. The switch between attack and defence is better to be smart and fast. It has contained the following skills: hooking, hanging, cutting, and wiping; pricking and shoveling; splitting, sweeping, and stirring; clould, pushing, and holding; stretching, sticking, and covering; resisting, twining and locking; blocking, leading, and pulling etc....

Lecturer: Luo Jinhau
Format: DVD
Language Speaking: Chinese

Subtitle: English/Chinese

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