TDS041 - Premium Miao Dao Shen Family 沈广隆高档苗刀

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The rich brown wood of the handle and scabbard is made from pear blossom wood. The fittings on the scabbard are of polished brass, handle guard is also cast brass. The slightly curved blade is not sharp and made of high carbon steel. The round spine along the back edge makes the blade light yet stiff. The engraving on the blade is SHENG GUANG LONG in Chinese characters

This sword is also know as "Chang Dao" (Long saber), "Shuang Shou Dao" (two-handed saber), or "sprout saber. "While the Miao Dao is a recent weapon, Miao Dao were used by some Chinese troops during the second Sino-Japanese War. While the Miao Dao is rarely practiced in modern Chinese martial arts, there was a form developed for it in the early 20th century by the Central Military Academy in northern China, and some schools of pigua and xingyi train with the weapon as well.

Available in 3 blade sizes!

Blade Length
Overall Length
Sword WeightSword + Scabbard Weight
 39.5 inch 54.8 inch 2.8  lbs. 4.4 lbs.
 41.5 inch 56.2 inch 3.2 lbs. 4.9 lbs.
 43.5 inch 58 inch3.41 lbs. 5 lbs.

For Miao Dao DVD and Book please see Item :

No052 Miao Broadsword VCD With Book 苗刀

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