All Yang Style

All Yang Style
DV1008 - 24 Movement Yang Tai Chi 24式太极拳

24 MOVEMENT YANG STYLE TAI CHI QUAN is divided into eight sections. All the movements are easy to le..

$7.49 $14.99

DV1016 - 32 Movements Tai Chi Sword 32式太极剑

32 MOVEMENTS YANG STYLE TAI CHI SWORD evolved from the traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Sword. It not ..

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DV1280 - 24 Movement Tai Chi by Master Chen Sitan

Performer: World Champion Master Sitan ChenDVD (NTSC) -107 MinuteLanguage: Chinese with English subt..

$9.99 $19.99

DV1281 - 24 Tai Chi VCD By Master Chen Sitan

World Champion Master Sitan ChenLanguage: Chinese with subtitle..

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2 PART SERIES VCDTai Chi sword play is one of the most interesting fields of tai chi, integrating bo..

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DW011 - Yang Style Tai Chi Single Broadsword 杨氏太极剑、刀

DW011 -Yang Style Tai Chi Single Broadsword 杨氏太极剑、刀 Lecturer: Yang Zhengduo Length: 56 min..

$6.99 $12.99

DW174-01 - Yang-style Taiji Quan of 8 Circulative Postures

DW174-01 8 Postures of Yang-style Taiji Quan is also called 8 Postures of Circulative Taiji Qua..

$5.50 $10.99

DW174-02 - Yang-style Taiji Quan 28 Postures of Quintessence

of Taijiquan. it is refined on the basis of the traditional 85 postures of Yang-style Taiji Quan thu..

$7.50 $14.99

DW174-06 - Yang Style TaiChi by Fu ZhongWen(6/8):Tai Chi Broadsword

Both Yang-style Taiji broadsword and Yang-style Taiji sword belong to short weapon of Taiji Quan pat..

$5.99 $13.99

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