Wushu/Tai Chi

SF00 - Shaolin Leather Whip



SF000 - Stainless Traditional Whip

Stainless Heavy Chain Whip with Traditional Leater Wrapped HandleOverall Length: 59 InchesThree Weig..


SF002 - Traditional Rope Dart- Stainless Steel不锈钢绳镖

The rope dart is a long rope with a Stainless metal dart tied to one end. This was an ideal weapon i..


SF003 - Flying Weight - 飞砣

This weapon of the Shaolin Monk was designed to be used from a distance. Distance is preferable as a..


SF004 - Horsetail whisk (Fo Chen) 拂尘

Horsetail Whisk (Fo Chen)  is one of the weapons of Taoist monks.The technique of Fo chen is un..


SF005 - Meteor Hammers

Just like the whip chain, high hand-eye coordination is a must for the practitioner to do this weapo..


SF008 - Three Section Staff - 三节棍

Essentially this weapon consist of three sections linked together with chains, and is used with both..


SF009 - Sweeper Long Tip Staff

Although it is rarely seen in action, the short sweeper is one of the greatest treasures of China.&n..


SF010 - Foam Grip Nunchaku

These Foam Nunchaku (Nunchucks) 12 inches in length and a 3/4" diameter PVC core tube covered with a..


SF011 - Wooden Nunchaku

Wooden handle nunchaku (nunchucks), in two different styles.Nunchaku #1: Black wooden nunchaku ..


SF012 - Extendable Metal Nunchaku

Metal nunchaku retracts to 6 inches. extends to 11 inches long8 inch chainTotal length: 23.5 inchesT..


SF013 - Extendable Metal Nunchaku

Metal nunchaku retracts to 6 inches. extends to 11 inches long7 inch chainTotal length: 29.5 inchesT..


SF014 - Stainless Steel Nunchaku

High Quality Stainless Steel Nunchaku 11 inches length     ·       &nb..


SF015 - Traditional Copper Meteor Hammer 流星铜锤

SF015 - Traditional Copper Meteor Hammer 流星铜锤..


SF016 - Rubber nunchakus SF016 - Rubber nunchakus

Sections are made of solid rubber, joined by an iron chain. The rubber can be bended more than 90 de..


SF017 - Wooden Bruce Lee Nunchaku

SF017 - Wooden Bruce Lee NunchakuATTENTION: This item cannot be shipped to states of ..


SF018 - Aluminum Nunchaku Escrima

This Aluminum Nunchaku Escrima is actually two weapons in one. It is a 12″ nunchaku that features a ..


SF019 - Foam Grip Nunchaku SF019 - Foam Grip Nunchaku

Available in 3 colorsRedBlueBlack..


WSL002-1 Wushu Spear with 7.5 in Spear Head 小抢头武术枪 WSL002-1 Wushu Spear with 7.5 in Spear Head 小抢头武术枪

Wushu Spear with 8.5 in Spear Head 小抢头武术枪Spear Head Size:SizeNameTip LengthTotal LengthWeight7.5 inC..


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