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Product ID: WSS021
Wushu Twin Straight Sword
Wushu Twin Straight Sword
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WSS021 - Wushu/Kung Fu Twin Straight Sword (Shuang Jian)

This is the best sword around for beginners to professionals for everyday practice or demonstrations. The sword blade is made of chrome plated spring steel, light weight, very flexible & durable with 180 degree bending variance.

  •      Available in 7 blade sizes!
    o   20" 22" 24.5" 26” 27.5" 29" 30.5"
  •      Wooden dragon scabbard included

  2 super grip at only $3.50!

For available tassels, see Wushu Tassels

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Kung Fu and Wushu Instructional DVD1,
Kung Fu and Wushu Instructional DVD2

Price: $39.00

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No Rust

- December 11th 2012

These swords make a great sound. They are tough, they do not rust, and are still flexible enough for wushu. I use them for traditional as well. Perfect for both at an excellent price. Any dents can be hammered back into place.


- April 24th 2012


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