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Product ID: WSS010
Wushu Kung Fu Broadsword -单刀
Wushu Kung Fu Broadsword -单刀
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WSS010 - Wushu/Kung Fu Broadsword

  • This is sword is for beginners to professionals for everyday practice or demonstrations. 

  • The sword blade is made of chrome plated spring steel, lightweight, very flexible & 
durable with 180 degree bending variance.
  • Idea for contemporary Wushu training
General guidelines for Broadsword ’s length:
  • The tip of the broadsword must not be lower than top of the ear when held in the left hand with the hand guard in the palm.   
Available in Blade sizes ( inches)
•     22” 23” 24.5” 26” 27.5” 29” 30" 31” 32.5”
•    Comes with dragon design scabbard
•    Comes with green/red flags
Optional super grip for only $1.50

You can order multiple sizes at one time.  Enter all your quantities for all sizes then click the Add to Cart button.
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Kung Fu and Wushu Instructional DVD1,
Kung Fu and Wushu Instructional DVD2

Price: $32.95

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My thoughts

- March 10th 2015

I think you mean 360+ degrees of flex in this style of wushu sword!😺😻 love it just what I look for in a sword because I am weird trust me on this.


- October 30th 2013

very cool , i recomend that one


- July 23rd 2012

de buen peso,calidad y buen agarre para la practica del wushu, excelente, gracias.

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