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Product ID: WSL002
Wushu & Traditional Spear
Wushu & Traditional Spear

 WSL002 -  Wushu Spear & Traditional Spear

General guidelines for Competition kung fu spear’s length:

The length of the spear must not be shorter than the distance from the ground to the tip of the athlete’s middle finger when standing with arm lifted upright vertically. 

Wushu Spear made from Wushu Cudgel (wax wood staff ) with 3 different size spear heads available.
**Traditional Spear made from NanGun ( Southren Cudgel wax wood) Length : 88 inch length.


The spear is called the king of all weapons. It is one of the dominant wushu long weapons.
The basic techniques of spear play include pricking, thrusting, circling, blocking, pointing, poking,
holding and wringing. When you practice,
you are advised to hold the spear firmly and flexibly,
advance and retreat freely and smoothly, pricking the opponent quickly and directly, with the force on the point of the spear.
This is one of the important basic skills in spear play.
When you hold the spear,
it must be close to your waist for support so that you can exert your force easily. In all routines of spear play,
the point of the spear moves in a circle,
which is regarded as the fundamental of all styles of spear
play and requires hard practice.


for available Spear Tassels and Spear Heads, see Spear Accessories

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Price: $36.99

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Great for practice!!!

- August 08th 2016

I wouldn't use it for combat or anything, but it works good for practice and routines. Price was better than other sites which sell the same product. Get the white fur version, that way you can turn it red the blood of your enemies the super Kung-fu way!

great service

- June 18th 2015

Grrat customer service and fast delivery! Items are of good quality! Only wish they carried more a larger variety of traditional weight weapons


- March 10th 2015

The tassels are amazing I have many of these. The one who stands out from the rest is the one I call "Ami." Ami is very cool and unique. Ami had the hair tassels fall out and after tieing up the hair it seamed to have " grown" back! Amazing

Great quality and very durable

- March 25th 2012

I had mine for 3 years now and it is very durable, won't get bend or damage much even with daily heavy practice as well. They put some steel shots in the spearhead to make some noise but personally I don't like that feature, it doesn't bother much but I prefer to have it taken out when purchase. The tassels are great too, they don't wear out easily and the best thing is they come very NEW as compare to some other stores that I tried to buy from local vendors and their spear tassel are all messed up and old like junk.

Here is mine in action after 3 years.


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