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Product ID: TDS308
Nine Teeth Double Hook Sword
Nine Teeth Double Hook Sword

TDS308 - Nine Teeth Double Hook Sword

This is an uncommon variation on one of the most common of the exotic weapons.These light weight hook swords are designed for fast kung fu or wushu action. Several styles use this type of sword in their traditional weapon line up, and routines are designed to perform weilding one sword in each hand. These swords are great for everyday training, competitions or demonstrations.

  • Blade length - 18 inch
  • Overall length - 31.75 inch
  • Width at the handle guard - 6 inch
  • Weight per sword - 1 lb 5 oz

Sold in pairs


Price: $49.00

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good stuff~ see it in action!

- April 08th 2012

Good stuff! This is hard to find but I am sure you would want it~ Yes it comes in a pair and you would love to wrap the handle up like mine. I put some kitchen towel to pad the handle and tape it up with wrapping tape to make it much bigger and easier for the grip, now I love it!

9 teeth hooks

- October 27th 2011

does this come with 2

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