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Traditional Tiger-Head Hook Swords By Han Ding 汉鼎武韵双钩 Reviews for the product - Traditional Tiger-Head Hook Swords By Han Ding 汉鼎武韵双钩 (Back to product)
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when will my orde rbe shipped?

- August 05th 2015

order number 48109
email xcmike_5@hotmail.com.

Just wondering, when will my purchase be shipped. please answer asap.

Epic hooks

- October 08th 2015

Like one of the other reviewers I bought cheap hooks first from another site and was very disappointed. I saw these online and took the plunge. They arrived this week and I love them! They are solid and quality is good. Coming with a free case is a nice bonus also!

The best you will find

- September 13th 2013

I must say that these hook swords are simply magnificent. I perform in tournaments and it is difficult to find durable weapons with the look and feel of tradition and authenticity. I made the mistake of ordering a more light weight set from another site. The ends wobbled as I used them and I had to return them. Because I need to be in full control of my weapons at all times, I needed a set that was solid and feel like they would hold up during my training and performances. These swords are the best you will find. The wood handles are surprisingly comfortable, but be mindful that the swords will require a decent amount of arm strength to use them for an extended period of time. If you can, spend the extra money and get these.

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