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Great Sword for Everything

- March 14th 2012

The best sword for affordable price ever. You will never regret it. The 3.5 Lb is there for sure but the balance makes it easy to control and use which is nice. Quality of the steel and hollow-grounded blade is just perfect, with good craftmanship of the wood and thick brass fittings, you are paying for a superior quality piece that goes beyond any dragon well low to mid class sword. This is a must get!

See the sword in action!

Perfect practice sword

- June 04th 2015

Straight swords are like badminton racquets in that if the balance is not correct, it would feel heavy ("dead") in the hands. It's not like broadsword or Miao Dao, in that the skills involves a lot of quick changes with the wrist. You cannot practice/execute those changes if the point of balance is too forward (more than 4in/10cm from the back of the guard).

For the longest time here in U.S. there were only two types of straight swords available: flexible wushu competition swords that have the right point of balance but too light, too weak, resembling a real weapon in appearance only. Or "combat steel" ones that either does not have the point of balance right, or is too expensive, for decorative, performance purpose only.

What is needed are well made practice weapons that resembles the real weapon except for sharpened edge. Ones you don't have to worry too much about 1) damaging it, 2) hurting yourself. Only with this type of weapon can you acquire real sword skill.

I've been looking for such a weapon for almost 20 years. And this Cold Moon Sword is it. I ordered both the 32.5 in version and the 31 in version. The point of balance on the 31 in is PERFECT. The sword feels so light and maneuverable ("live") in the hand. The point of balance on the 32.5 in is more forward to the tip. However if you're say taller than 5'10, or has done some strength training (intermediate level), you should have no problem wielding this sword, even if the point of balance is just outside the standard. Again, the 31 in sword is the most ideal practice sword I have ever seen. So glad these are finally available in the market.

cold moon

- February 09th 2016

I have owned and used this magnificent sword for more than 10 yrs.Using it in Tai-Chi.It is always a delight to use.

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