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Product ID: TDS210
Premium Double Tai Chi Straight Sword
Premium Double Tai Chi Straight Sword

TDS210 - Premium Double Tai Chi Straight Sword

The Premium Double Tai Chi Straigth Sword is a fine crafted weapon for the true traditional martial artist. The handles are made of pear wood and The blades are stainless steel. The rigid blade and traditional style handle makes it perferct for tai chi or traditional double straight sword routines. Includes tassels, scabbards as shown.

Available in five sizes!

Blade Length Overall Length Sword (one blade only)  Weigth Sword & Scabbard Weight
27 inch 36 inch 1.6 lbs 4.8 lbs
28 inch 37 inch 1.7 lbs 4.9 lbs
30 inch 38 inch 1.7 lbs 5 lbs
32 inch 41 inch 1.9 lbs 5.1 lbs
33.5 inch 42.5 inch 1.5 lbs 4.5 lbs
Price: $159.95

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double straight sword

- May 29th 2012

I was looking for a sword that would be worth its cost in years of practice as a tool. I have a combat steel straight sword but felt that it took to much of my chi to opperate. These swords are well balance and light but thicker than wushu steel. unfortunately the sheath, which is an important part in protecting the longevity of the swords was of poor quality.

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