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Product ID: TDS206
Standard Straight Sword 普通太极剑
Standard Straight Sword 普通太极剑

TDS206 Standard Straight Sword

The Standard Straight Sword is a great choice for beginning practitioners. The blade of this sword is rigid making it perfect for tai chi or traditional kung fu. Includes tassel, scabbards and storage box as shown.

Available in 4 sizes!

Blade Length
Total Length
Sword Weight
28 inch
35 inch
1 lb 2.5 oz
30 inch
38 inch
1 Ib 3 oz
32 inch
40 inch
1 lb 5 oz
33.8 inch
41 inch
1 lb 6 oz

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and More!

List Price: $39.95
Price: $35.99

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Kung Fu Sword

- February 09th 2017

Just received this weapon today. More than I expected. Well made and beautiful. One cannot go wrong with this item in their training arsenal.

Very Satisfied

- November 17th 2012

I just bought it and it looks and feels great. I will be doing a sword form demo on Chinese New Year and I cannot wait to use it.

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