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Product ID: TDS046
Golden Melon Hammers Pair 金瓜双锤
Golden Melon Hammers Pair 金瓜双锤
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Wushu Golden Melon Hammers Pair

Also known as melon hammers, this weapon is one of the most common styles of hammer weapons in Chinese Martial Arts. Several styles use this type of hammer in their traditional weapon line up, and routines are designed to perform weilding one hammer in each hand.

  • Handle length - 23 inch
  • Overall length - 31 inch
  • Hammer diameter - 7 inch
  • Weight per hammer - 2.3 lbs

Sold in pairs.

Price: $109.00

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To be improve...

- March 30th 2012

This product is "okay" but really lack some sturdy construction. Mine came in with the head abit loose like when you shake it you can feel some little wobble and it is not sturdy enough. I wish they can improve this matter. The weight is something I can't be picky about, but the sturdiness should be improve...

See mine in action:

At least it's functional, oh well, glad it came in good shape!

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