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Product ID: TDS042
Long Quan Double Hand Sword 龙泉双手剑
Long Quan Double Hand Sword 龙泉双手剑
Long Quan Double Hand Sword 龙泉双手剑

The Double Hand Sword, known as Shuang Shou Jian 双手剑 in Chinese, is a oversized straight sword seen most often today in traditional mantis style routines. This sword is great for traditional styles. Blade is made of stainless steel. Comes with Hua Li wooden ( Pear Wood) scabbard and Sword Bag.

Available in 2 sizes!
Size 1: Blade length - 39 inch
Size 2: Blade length - 40 inch
Sword weight - 2 lb 13.5 oz
Price: $119.00

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Beautiful Sword, Great value

- May 13th 2013

I purchased the larger version of this sword, which actually has a blade of 45" and a total length of 58" slightly larger than listed.
the blade beautifully crafted and semi-flexible, with a blance point about 5-6" from the guard.
I have been using it for some Bagua and Mantis forms and it has performed wonderfully. In short this is well crafted and beautiful sword - definately worth buying!!

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