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Product ID: TDS010
Traditional Broadsword with Black Scabbard - Stainless Steel
Traditional Broadsword with Black Scabbard - Stainless Steel
TDS010 -Single Broadsword with Black Scabbard (free padded carrying case)

This Traditional Broadsword, part of the LONG QUAN swords of the Dragon Well weapons. Manufacturer: Shen Guang Long.
Made from a highly respected family in Long Quan village, this broadsword is a grade beyond the regular Long Quan weapons. The steel for the blades is much higher quality as we have had a higher grade of stainless steeldelivered to the maker.
The blade of this sword is firm 
it does not bend when stood on its tip.
sword weight around 1.2 ib - 1.4ib.
Includes flag, scabbards and carrying case as shown.

Available in 5 sizes!

Price: $79.95

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Good Quality

- September 21st 2012

The sword itself is excellent in it's steel which has a slight flex for dynamic sound on thrusting actions...That's cool. The only thing which needs to be improved is smoothing the area where shaft and scabbard intersect.

single broadsword

- May 22nd 2012

great sword, my prefered sword for practice. I own the medium thick blade. One thing someone purchasing a traditional dragon well weapon should know is that you regularly have to oil the blade. If you dont it will rust.

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