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Product ID: TDL003
Dragon Head Stainless Steel Pudao - Two Piece
Dragon Head Stainless Steel Pudao - Two Piece

TDL003 - Stainless Steel Pudao (Horse Sword)

One of the traditional long weapons of Chinese martial arts, this pudao is made from 100% high quality stainless steel, with brass colored decorative accent. The blade on this weapon is rigid. This weapon disassembles into two pieces with a threaded section in the middle, which makes it much easier to travel with.

  • Total length - 74 inch
  • Blade length - 24 inch
  • Blade section length - 41”
  • Shaft section length - 34”
  • Blade width - 4.75” at widest point
  • Assembled weight - 6 lbs

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Good weapon and great for travel to tournaments

- November 25th 2016

Purchased this pudao since I was planning to travel to an international tournament. Shipping my one piece pudao would incur oversized checked baggage charges which can really pile up.
This pudao is well made and is assembles quickly (wide square threads which work even better when some graphite is applied) and is very solid. The balance is good and it is a very flashy weapon which draws attention at tournaments. The dragon head at the base of the blade is very cool. The metal shaft is harder on your hands and less forgiving than a wooden shaft but manageable. The hand grip at the top of the shaft can slip when you put a great deal of force into a movement. Overall very good weapon which I highly recommend.

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