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Horsetail whisk (Fo Chen) 拂尘 Reviews for the product - Horsetail whisk (Fo Chen) 拂尘 (Back to product)
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Great Value, Great buy

- March 28th 2012

This Chen Fu is very nice, I got both versions and they are both good. Mind you that the hair is much longer than expected and so cut at your need if you want it shorter. Overall, I am very satisfied.

Horsetail whisk

- October 20th 2013


Decent Quality

- January 07th 2016

We ordered two synthetic fo chen with green tassels. The tassels are not put on very well as they look like they are being held on by a rubber band and a piece of red twist tie. The nylon fibers are very, very white (the picture shows a tanner color). When they first came out the box, the "hairs" were very misshapen but after we hung them upside down for a week, they hairs sat. These are good for first time fo chen student's practice but we would not take these into competition.

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