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Product ID: NoA338
Wudang Short Stick 武当短棍
Wudang Short Stick 武当短棍
NoA338 - Wudang Short Stick 武当短棍

Format: DVD
Language: Choice of English or Mandarin

“Wudang Short Stick” is also called tiger tail whip. It is available everywhere and convenient to carry. Beloved by Wulin enthusiasts, it is the ideal self-defense tool for the Wushu practitioner. It is an old internal esoteric routine. Its movements are simple, free and unadorned. Every movement can be used as form of attack or defense. It combines the rapidity of the knife, the convenience of the bat, and the flexibility of the sword. It has the remarkable characteristics of controlling movements by quietness. Its methods often incorporate splicing, continuous beating and stabbing. The strategy goes on to include feigning attack to the left side but actually going for the right. When facing an opponent, one is to pay particular attention to “starting the attack with the fool before the hand”. This sequence usually kills the opponent or immobilizes his body at the moment that his old attack has faded and before his next move can e executed. Therefore, there is a saying that “one sound of a bat is more precious than 1,000 pieces of gold.”
China's martial arts history originated in the HeNan province of China. Partnering with Henan Media Publications, KungFuDirect has produced this instructional series, breaking down movements and applications of hundreds of different traditional and modern wushu styles. comes with both Mandarin Chinese and English languages, giving you a wider range of detailed learning methods for your training.
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