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Product ID: NoA337
Wudang Eight Diagram Palm 武当八卦掌
Wudang Eight Diagram Palm 武当八卦掌
NoA337 - Wudang Eight Diagram Palm 武当八卦掌

Format: DVD
Language: Choice of English or Mandarin

In “Wudang Eight Diagram Palm”, standing exercised and walking steps are the basis of practice. The basic movement is walking in a circle. The footprint routine is divided into Yin Yang Yu, Eight Diagram Figure, Jiugong, and the others. The advantage of using the palm is fulfilled and the palm replaces the punch when striking an opponent. The Eight Diagram Palm is not only a skill of martial arts but also a skill in terms of fitness. People who exercise Wudang Eight Diagram Palm on a regular basis can see improvements in certain areas of the body as well as obtaining the effect of improved fitness and longevity.

China's martial arts history originated in the HeNan province of China. Partnering with Henan Media Publications, KungFuDirect has produced this instructional series, breaking down movements and applications of hundreds of different traditional and modern wushu styles. comes with both Mandarin Chinese and English languages, giving you a wider range of detailed learning methods for your training.
Price: $19.90

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