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Product ID: NoA335
Wudang Tai Chi Long Boxing 武当太极长拳
Wudang Tai Chi Long Boxing 武当太极长拳
NoA335 - Wudang Tai Chi Long Boxing 武当太极长拳

Format: DVD
Language: Choice of English or Mandarin

“Wudang Tai Chi Long Boxing” is also called “inquiring” boxing. It is the typical bunt routine in the Songxi internal school. The co-called “inquiring” represents the search for foundation of all things. This routine contains treasured secrets in the art capturing and falling and the art of reversing the muscles against the bone, as confirmed in the book- “Thirty Two Movements of Boxing” written by Qi Jiguang. Learning this routine will be helpful for us to correctly understand the “Thirty Two Movements of Boxing” and study the principles of internal arts.

China's martial arts history originated in the HeNan province of China. Partnering with Henan Media Publications, KungFuDirect has produced this instructional series, breaking down movements and applications of hundreds of different traditional and modern wushu styles. comes with both Mandarin Chinese and English languages, giving you a wider range of detailed learning methods for your training.
Price: $19.90

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