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Product ID: NoA270-Shaolin
Shaolin Simen Quan 少林寺四门拳
Shaolin Simen Quan 少林寺四门拳
NoA270 - Shaolin Simen Quan 少林寺四门拳

Format: DVD 

Language: Choice of English or Mandarin

Shaolin simen Quan, which is also called Sifang Quan, belongs to the secret routine of Shaolin boxing. It has absorbed the essence of technical attacking from many other boxing branches. The main techniques are about attack and defense from both the front and back and left and right. The main characteristics of this routine are that it has clear skills and neat actions, when you practice it, your strength arises both physically and mentally. The actions are swift and offensive, the boxing is a fine combination of being soft and hard, quick and slow. The recruit type changes much according to different situations and it is practical as well. It is one of the finest representatives of the Chinese traditional Wushu.

China's martial arts history originated in the HeNan province of China. Partnering with Henan Media Publications, KungFuDirect has produced this instructional series, breaking down movements and applications of hundreds of different traditional and modern wushu styles. comes with both Mandarin Chinese and English languages, giving you a wider range of detailed learning methods for your training.
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