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New Premium Tai Chi Competition Sword 高级太极竞赛剑 Reviews for the product - New Premium Tai Chi Competition Sword 高级太极竞赛剑 (Back to product)
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Very Nice Sword

- July 20th 2012

It’s a quality sword with unsharpened blade edges. It’s well balanced. The blade is made of stainless steel with the first half toward the blade tip being flexible. It can be bent up to 90 degrees left and right and it returns to its straight position without any problem (not to say you want to do this all the time). The scabbard and the handle are made of quality material. The mental fittings are made of solid brass. This is the most expensive sword in the offerings. I expect every detail to be meticulously crafted. It did not meet my expectation in that regard. Maybe it’s a nature in some hand-crafted products. The devil is in the details. Overall, it’s a good sword with minor details to overlook. The carrying bag in the photo is black, which looks nice. However, I got a blue bag. Again, it’s a minor detail.

Function over form

- January 31st 2014

It's not a decorative sword. No elaborate castings here on the scabbard or hilt. No 'lucky' dragon or bat emblems.
Just an extremely well crafted, balanced, honest blade made with high quality steel for day-to-day training.

Great Quality

- September 21st 2012

This sword is exactly the kind I want. It's well balanced and proper weighed. It's quite flexible too when I am doing FaJin.


- January 17th 2015

If the tassel is too long you have 2 options. use a scissor to cut the ends or you can tie a knot in the cord to shorten it. It is a great sword.

Well done sword

- December 22nd 2014

I have two Tai Chi swords but this one is so well balance. I love it so much when I saw it on the website. Only thing the tassel is too heavy and too long so I have to remove it before I practice with it. Overall I am highly recommend this sword. One more thing I need to mention was KungFuDirect is a very reliable company to handle their business. I am very satisfied the way how they handle and shipping the product out.

HD1008 New Premium Tai Chi Competition Sword

- July 16th 2014

From the picture, this sword looks terrible, plane and too ordinary, but dont let the looks fool you.
Best balanced sword i've ever owned. Balanced at 1" from the guard. Solid brass guard and solid pummel. Top quality. Your forms comes alive with this sword. Blade is rigid at the base and flexible at the tip, it combines flexibility and strength together in a single blade. This sword is worth it !


- September 12th 2014

Excellent quality...had to do a bit of remedial gluing inside the handle, to fix a loose counterweight. Still a good sword for the cost.


- February 15th 2014

I wasn't certain about this sword especailly being female always concerned about the weight of the sword. There is no comparison between this sword and the other that I own nor my Master's sword. It's perfectly balanced, in my hand and the flow of the Chi is outstanding. I've never owned such a sword and would recommend to anyone that is interested in developing their sword technique.

Wonderful Sword!

- September 12th 2014

This sword has it all: great looks, excellent balance, perfect weight. My Sifu loved the handling and balance of my sword. The handling during training was effortless due to the weight and balance. During promotion testing, my sword was checked by my Grandmaster and other teachers, they were very impressed with the feel and balance and gave very positive comments. I love the clean good looks and the handling. It really stood out. I also think it improved my form. Affordable price, great sword.

Very nice sword

- December 03rd 2016

Well worth the money! KFD very good company if you have any questions or if there is any problem with shipping, etc.

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