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Tai Chi Competition Swords 太极竞赛剑 Reviews for the product - Tai Chi Competition Swords 太极竞赛剑 (Back to product)
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Very nice sword!

- November 16th 2011

I just received this sword from KungFuDirect. Fit, finish, and balance are all excellent. High-quality blade both in terms of workmanship and blade steel quality. Highly recommended!

Fast shipment, great customer service, and the price is right, too!


Not a sharp edge

- November 19th 2011

This sword is unedged. It's not sharp. There is seven star etched to one side of the blade.

Everything about this sword says QUALITY. Get it while you still can!


- December 24th 2011

is this sword flexible? bendy? does it make a great sound when whipped around??

Rigid blade

- January 04th 2012

The blade is rigid and makes absolutely no sound during practice. This is not flexible wushu blade but good rigivid steel just as I like it.

Very nice sword, scabbard, and carry bag

- April 29th 2015

This is my first Tai Chi sword. I can tell you that this Tai Chi Competition Sword is very well constructed. It is solid, feels sturdy, and is beautiful "out of the box". It has a strong yet flexible blade. I bought the 31 in. sword and it balances about 2 inches below the hilt. The padded carry bag is great.

One fine sword

- October 26th 2014

I was not sure if the sword I ordered would look like what I was looking at but to my surprize when I got it the sword was even better.Real good quality to fine.Balance is great and I will get a lot of use form it. I'm very happy with it.

Excellent for Tai Chi Sword

- February 27th 2014

The sword is excellent. Perfect entry price range. Great construction. Elegant sheath. Good carrying case. I can't say enough about it. And Kung Fu Direct took care of me when the carrying case was "less than par" on arrival. They sent replacement. You can't go wrong with this sword, especially if just starting out.

good craftsmanship

- January 19th 2013

was not sure about this sword til my teacher evaluated it. good balance, good qi, well made, he said. he said it dances. looks like i need more practice!


- December 26th 2016

This was a great hit for my husband!it was his Christmas gift and he says it fits him perfectly! He can't wait for his teacher to see it!

sharp edged?

- November 15th 2011

this isn't sharp edged or is it?

Nice sword!

- April 15th 2014

Has really nice balance and perfect size and weight for me, I'm 5'2" and about 108lb. The only thing is the case handle fell off really soon and I got 1 splinter from the handle. The sword doesn't lock into the scabbard. That is the reason for 4 stars not 5. But it is really nice in practice and competition.

Rigid Sword

- November 07th 2016

I got the one heavier and more rigid than my friends', exactly the same model, from KungFu Direct. I think the production varies and no uniform quality control at the factory.

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