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Product ID: HD1002
Competition Wushu Broadsword - Stainless steel Handle 钢柄武术竞赛刀
Competition Wushu Broadsword - Stainless steel Handle 钢柄武术竞赛刀

HD1002 Competition Wushu Dao with Metal Handle
  • Our newest competition-series product! New hollow metal handle, better sound and lighter than wooden handle models.
  • Crafted in China's famous Brand Shen Guang Long, this well-balanced, top-of-the-line competition Dao features a lightweight Stainless steel Handle and hollow-ground blade design, strengthening the spine of the blade while maintaining a flexible tip. 
  • This makes for a light yet sturdy weapon with a balance ideal for competition and everyday practice. 
  • The Dao’s blade is composed of high-quality 60Si2Mn Spring Steel.
  • Product includes navy blue carrying bag as shown.  Certificate of IWuF Standard regulation verification also included with all competition-series.
  • is the exclusive distributor of this competition-series product in the United States of America.
Blade Length
Overall Length
Sword Weight
 Size #0
 26  ¾”
 Size #1
 27 1/2"
 1 lbs
 Size #2
 1 lbs
 Size #3
 29 1/4"
 1.1 lbs
 Size #4
 35 1/4"
 1.1 lbs
 Size #5
 30 3/4"
 36 1/2"
 1.2 lbs
 Size #6
 31 1/2"
 1.2 lbs
 Size #7
 32 1/2"
 1.3 lbs
 Size #8
 33 3/4"
 39 3/4"
 1.4 lbs

*Comes with carrying bag (bag is extra, not eligible for exchange or return)

General guidelines for broadsword's length:
The tip of the broadsword must not be lower than top of the ear when held in the left hand with the hand guard in the palm.

Get the addtional discount when you order with this item!
4 DVDS included.
Great Deal for this DVD, including 10 Forms! 
All of forms are newest form and Approved by International Wushu Federation
Format: DVD 
DVD1: 3 forms inside: Wushu Dao, Wushu Jian, Wushu Qiang
DVD2: 2 forms inside: Chang Quan, Gun Shu, 
DVD3: 2 forms inside: Tai Chi (Tai Chi Quan, Tai Chi Jian) 
DVD4: 3 forms inside: Nan Quan (Nanquan, Nandao NanGun) 


Price: $69.90

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Great Quality

- September 20th 2014

Best Wushu broadsword out there for competition and training. This sword is vastly superior in performance and quality then the less expensive models. Once again Kung Fu Direct offers a great product at a highly competitive price.

Great Sword

- August 18th 2012

Bought this sword for a competition and am looking forward to using it. Extremely balanced; much different than your basic wushu broadsword - worth the money 100%! Great service from KungFuDirect in regards to exchanging for a larger size. Thanks

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