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Product ID: DW170-06
Chen Tai Chi Pushing Hands(1DVD)
Chen Tai Chi Pushing Hands(1DVD)
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan series: Pushing Hands(1DVD)

Push Hand was practiced on the basis of practicing well the postures of Chen Style Taijiquan. In the ourinte of Push Hand, two people give a hand and twine each other. It combines these skills of sticking, closing, cohering, following, loosing, moving, flexiblizing, and shaking, and abides by principles that keep away from the enemy's main force and strike where the enermy is the weakest and hold the skillful principle without holding strength. It combines these basic methods, such as sneizing, trapping, falling, kicking, hitting together using these 8 kinds of methods warding off, stroking, squeezing, pressing, picking, twisting, eblowing and relying to practise the sensitivity that feels in skin sense of touch and body of whole body and reach the realm that people do not know me and I know people alone and go ahead of the opponent and take advantage of a favourable situation to take advantage of strength and gain mastery over the enemy. It is a method to practise superb skill. The skill to practice posture is the techniques of knowing yourself and the skill to pushing hand is the techniques of knowing yourself and the skill to pushing hand is the techniques of knowing the opponent. It can be ever-victorious to know yourself as well as enemy.

About the Instructor:
Grand Master Xi'an Wang is 19th generation inheritor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, One of the 4 foremost Chen Styel Tai Chi master, Advanced National Wushu Coach, Principle of Chen Jia Gou Wushu School, Head coach & Vice-President of Wen county Tai Chi Wushu Schoo, Professor of Henan Teacher University & LuoYang Teacher University.

Lecturer: Grand Master Wang Xi An
Format: DVD
Language Speaking: Chinese
Subtitle: English/Chinese selectable
Price: $15.90

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