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Product ID: DW170-05
Chen Tai Chi Old Frame 2nd Routine (2 DVDs)
Chen Tai Chi Old Frame 2nd Routine (2 DVDs)
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan : Old Frame 2nd Routine (2 DVDs)

Old Frame 2nd routine is also called Cannon Fist. 2nd routine fist relies mainly on hardness, integrates hardness with softness. When practising, stamp and exert forces, dodge and move; scurry and leap, like a loosen and spring shake, get done without any letup, with momentum of strange python going out of a hole, like a fierce tiger going down a hill, like a dragon jumping out of the sea with mighty force, like a powerful lion shaking its hair. Lead force with hands, hands lead, body follows. Footwork is flexible. Stand steadily, in full force and spirit. It takes picking, seperating, sticking, and leaning as its main movements. Cracking stroking, squeezing, and pressing as its auxiliary movements. It presented the quick, strong, fierce features of 2nd routine.

About the Instructor:
Grand Master Xi'an Wang is 19th generation inheritor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, One of the 4 foremost Chen Styel Tai Chi master, Advanced National Wushu Coach, Principle of Chen Jia Gou Wushu School, Head coach & Vice-President of Wen county Tai Chi Wushu Schoo, Professor of Henan Teacher University & LuoYang Teacher University.

Lecturer: Grand Master Wang Xi An
Format: DVD
Language Speaking: Chinese
Subtitle: English/Chinese selectable

Price: $29.99

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