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Product ID: DW170-04
Chen Tai Chi New Frame RoutineII (2 DVDs)
Chen Tai Chi New Frame RoutineII (2 DVDs)
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan series: New Frame RoutineII (2 DVDs)

New Frame 2nd routine was also known as Cannon Hammer. New Frame 2nd routine is relatively more complicated. In the routine, there were main techniques of pull-down, splitting, elbowing, and leaning, and auxiliarys ones of warding off, stroking, pushing against, and pressing down. It is integrated with hardness and softness, firmness-oriented. It draws force from stamping, moves agilely as lightning, scuttle and jump randomly, spring and quiver flexibly, and emphasize the exercise of elastic force. Externally, it takes the fortitude and jump as its main techniques, the slowness and gentleness as its auxiliary techniques. The way of exerting strength asks for leading the whole body with hands, while matching agile footwork. Hardness is the main characteristic, integrated with softness. Firmness and internal force are the master. Without internal movement, without external action. One movement brings about the movement of whole body, which are linked successively, without any letup.

About the Instructor:
Grand Master Xi'an Wang is 19th generation inheritor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, One of the 4 foremost Chen Styel Tai Chi master, Advanced National Wushu Coach, Principle of Chen Jia Gou Wushu School, Head coach & Vice-President of Wen county Tai Chi Wushu Schoo, Professor of Henan Teacher University & LuoYang Teacher University.

Lecturer: Grand Master Wang Xi'an
Format: DVD
Language Speaking: Chinese
Subtitle: English/Chinese selectable
Price: $29.90

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