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Product ID: DW170-02
Chen Style Tai Chi Demonstration (2DVDs
Chen Style Tai Chi Demonstration (2DVDs
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan series :Tai Chi Demonstration(2DVDs)

 Wang Xi'an energy restoration exercise was created by master Wang Xi'an, according to his own boxing practice experience and techniques taught at home and abroad. The whole routine is neat and easy. The amount of exercise is moderate. It absorbs the best fruit of the famours traditional routine and get integrated with health preservation, from easy to hard, from simple to complicated. It is an integration of practice and repose, inside and outside cultivations. The whole routine structure is compact, alternated between fast and slow, hard and soft. It stretches gracefully and moves freely and continuously, good for the people at all ages to practice. This series has been introduced and promoted by taijiquan tutor institutions and associations at home and abroad. The learners will feel light-hearted and comfortable. It is easy to store inner strength and fast to seperate its force. This series is a good guider. About the Instructor:Master Xi'an Wang is 19th generation inheritor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, One of the 4 foremost Chen Styel Tai Chi master, Advanced National Wushu Coach, Principle of Chen Jia Gou Wushu School, Head coach & Vice-President of Wen county Tai Chi Wushu Schoo, Professor of Henan Teacher University & LuoYang Teacher University.

Lecturer: Wang Xi'an
Format: DVD
Language Speaking: Chinese
Subtitle: English/Chinese selectable
Price: $29.90

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