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Product ID: DW166-04
Chen Style Tai Chi Old Frame Routine One -Zhu TianCai 4DVDs
Chen Style Tai Chi Old Frame Routine One -Zhu TianCai 4DVDs
Chen Style Tai Chi Old Frame Routine One by Zhu TianCai 4DVDs

Chen-Style Old Frame Routine One is created by Chen Changxing, the 14th ancestral master of chen clan in Chenjiagou. Based on the Taijiquan Routine V, Cannon Fist Routine I, 108 Stance Long Fist Routine I adopted by Chen Wangyan, he condensed them into popular Old Frame Routine I, Routine II. Routine I Fist is mostly soft and little vigorous, its stances graceful, steps flexible and stable, body erect and natural. Its inner energy dominates the whole body, majoring in Ward off, Deflect, Squeeze and Press, accompanied by Pull downward, Bend backward, Elbow Stroke, and Shoulder Stroke. It moves like running water continuously, and sends off energy loosely and vividly. Demands: the body leading the hands, the waist as axis, twisting and turning round, clearly visible and invisible, the thread-twisting energy as core, arc-form walking, spiraling inner energy.

Lecturer: Zhu Tiancai
Format: DVD
Language Speaking: Chinese Subtitle: English/Chinese selectable
Price: $39.99

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