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Product ID: DW164-02
WuDang LvShan BaGua Kung Fu: Plam Basic (2DVD)
WuDang LvShan BaGua Kung Fu: Plam Basic (2DVD)
DW164-02 WuDang LvShan BaGua Kung Fu: Plam Basic (2DVD) Bagua Palm is a widely popular fist in China, one of three famous fists of private fists in Wudang, also a Yinyang fist for life preserving, building up body and body protection. On the basis of bai, kou, shun, the Bagua Palm revolves around circle as basic movement routine, and focuses on palm. The whole body keeps the same in walking, stepping as walking cloud and running water. Its demands are: integrity between twisting turning and revolving turning, with the hand skills as: piercing, pricking, chopping, pricking, holding up, intersecting, knocking, buckling, turning and supporting, etc. This is a Kung Fu training video on WuDang LvShan BaGua lectured by famous master Wang Ping. Master Wang Ping is the 26th Generation Disciple of LvShan WuDang. And it is going to be an splendid experience to learn LvShan WuDang Kung Fu from professional Kung Fu master Wang Ping. Lecturer: Wong Ping Format: DVD Language Speaking: Chinese Subtitle: English/Chinese selectable
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