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Product ID: DW133-09
Wu dang MiZong sword 武当迷踪剑
Wu dang MiZong sword 武当迷踪剑
DW133-09 Wu dang abscondence sword 武当迷踪剑

    This sword form and Pure Yang Fist both come from the same source and have the same element. when practicing, the movement should be harmonize, agility extended and pliancy, the action is related to each other tightly like the flying cloud and flowing water, connect unceasingly.
    People from different age, different character or illness can practice this action to get stronger and enhance health condition. Do not stop practicing and you will see the good result.
    Because of the principle of "do not teach people the feat and tell people the element", this form is only passed down within Wu Dang faction in thousands of years, and now Liu Lihang master is the only one who know this element fully. So it is really a treasure to be able to see this treasure of Wudang.

Format: DVD
Language: Chinese Mandarin with English Subtitle
Price: $14.90

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