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Product ID: DW118-11
八法拳 Bafa Quan
八法拳 Bafa Quan
DW118-11 八法拳 Bafa Quan

Bafa Quan(Eight Technique Quan)is created by Li Demao at the end of Qing Dynasty, integrating the essences of Tongbi, Tantui, Fanzi, Xingyi Quan and more, so technically, Bafa Quan is a mixture style. While training, you should skillfully use the eight techniques, that is, punching, drilling, wrapping, twisting, chopping, upper cutting, blocking and parrying. The movements are strictly arranged, practical, effective, fast and changeable, emphasizing on combat practicality.

Format: DVD
Language: Chinese Mandarin with English Subtitle
Price: $14.90

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