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Product ID: DW024
Zhaobao Tai Chi (I II III) 赵堡太极拳 2DVDs
Zhaobao Tai Chi (I II III) 赵堡太极拳 2DVDs
DW024 -Zhaobao Tai Chi (I II III) 赵堡太极拳  (2DVDs) 
Zhaobao Tai Chi is famous for its practicality in combat, at the same time, it also well known as an exercise for health. Zhaobao Tai Chi emphasis on agile and circular movements that appears to be never-ending. Practicing Zhaobao Tai Chi is an exercise that helps massage internal organs such as: heart, lung, liver, spleen, kidney, stomach, and intestines.

Zhaobao Tai Chi Quan consists of 108 movements. The external and internal three integrations are the basic requirements to practice it. The external three integrations means that hands should be integrated with feet, elbows with knees and waists with hips. The internal three integrations refer to the integration of mind with intention, Qi (internal energy) with force, and posture with bones. While practicing, your hands, feet and body should cooperate well and move smoothly so that they can generate the force as a whole. Each movement should be performed clearly and distinctly.

Format: DVD
Language: Chinese Mandarin with English Subtitle
Price: $19.99

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