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Product ID: DW002
Wing Chun Wood-Figure 永春拳—木人椿
Wing Chun Wood-Figure 永春拳—木人椿
DW002-Wing Chun Wood-Figure 永春拳—木人椿

There is a saying of “There is Tai Chi in the North, and Yong Chun (Wing Chun) in the South” to describe the popularity of Yong Chun Boxing. Bruce Lee has helped introduced Yong Chun Boxing to the world. Peng Style Yong Chun Boxing system includes the following forms: Xiao Lian Tou, Dart Finger,Seeking Bridge, Wooden Dummy, Butterfly Knives, Six and Half Staff. This is the dream martial art system for combat lovers.

Wooden Dummy Exercise is a simulated combat exercise integrating the techniques from: Xiao Lian Tou, Thrusting Fingers, and Seeking Bridge. This exercise develops the awareness of real combat and improves the combat techniques. It is a kind of combat exercise just as Press Waist, Barehanded Counter Exercise and Yong Chun hand Push is.

Format: DVD
Language: Chinese Mandarin with English Subtitle
Price: $14.99

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