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Product ID: DV2707
Tiger Fist Sanshou
Tiger Fist Sanshou

Fighting and Capture Series  - Tiger Fist Sanshou
"Tiger Fist", a special bionics fist, imitating the feral tiger's movements, using the ability of tiger's attacking and defending for reference. It is valuable for actual fighting and is called "The Kung of Bionics Fist".

There are three main characteristics, first: paying attention to attack and being powerful, second: using claws often and being good at grasp, the last: mainly attacking the vital points and overwhelming the enemy with only one action.

The technique used mostly is grasping. Using the tiger claws to grasp the enemy fisrt and control the enemy's whole body, makes the enemy passive, causing ourselves becoming agile as well as difficult for enemy to escape, and can make a combined power which leads to success on landing a hit on enemy.

Demonstrated by Gao Xiang and Yin GuoJie

Format:VCD (PAL)
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: Both Chinese And English Narration

Price: $9.90

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