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Product ID: DV2706
Taizu Sanshou
Taizu Sanshou

Fighting and Capture Series  - Taizu Sanshou
It was said that the Taizu Pugilism originated from Zhao Kuangyin, who was the first emperor of the Song Dynasty. The style of this pugilism clan is strong and fierce, which belongs to the authentic direct descent of the Shaolin faction.

Among all the contemporary descedants of the Taizu Pugilism, Zheng Shide was the most famous one. As the 34th standardbearer of the Taizu Pugilism, he won the Excellence prize of the First Stat GongFu Contest in 1928.

The secret in actual combat of the Taizu Pugilism is: hit the Hongmen with the strongest fist, always conceal the two fists in your chest, hit the opponent's weakness once you find it and avoid the strike of powerful strike from the opponent. Hit swiftly so that it is impossible for the opponent to ward off and use your fists and feel together so that the oppenonent will have no way to defend. Hit the throat in the upper positionand the private parts parts in the lower position, and make the opponent bloody with the first strike.

Demonstrated by Gao Xiang and Yin GuoJie

Format:VCD (PAL)
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: Both Chinese And English Narration

Price: $9.90

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