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Product ID: DV2705
Qindie Form
Qindie Form

Fighting and Capture Series  - Qinde Form
"Qindie form" is techniques used to seize the enemy and make him fall, because the aim to seize, is about 18 points in the whole body, it is named "Zhanyi 18 Die" or "Zhanyi 18 Falls".

"Zhanyi Qindie form" is the secret skill used constantly by "Neijia Quan" and the unique skill of "Wudang school". It has 3 main characterirstics: 1st is closing clothes to seize and wrestle against the body. 2nd is combining the techniques being applied, and having great body effect. The last is both power and skills, fast and slow alternately.

It has 4 knacks, 1st, seizing alive opponenets and seizing 18 important points. 2nd, being declining and rocky, flicking upward, mixing, hooking and scratching. 3rd, being degage, without fixed format but having rules. Last, the enemy who is attacked falling at once, lieing or bending over.

Format:VCD (PAL)
Duration: 50 minutes
Language: Both Chinese And English Narration

Price: $9.90

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