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Product ID: DV2704
Lohan Fist (Arhat or Monk Fist)
Lohan Fist (Arhat or Monk Fist)

Fighting and Capture Series  - Lohan Fist (Arhat or Monk Fist)
"Lohan Fist" is a classical fist of Chinese Wushu, having great degree in the Shaolin School, regarded as the treasure which guards the Shaolin Temple.

"Lohan Fist" has been unlocked and spread out of the Shaolin Temple lately. The most influential experts are "Shaolin Gold Arhat", Miaoxing, and "The first south feet", Liu Baichuan, a Wushu expert of Anhui province, who defeated an English strong man by "Louhan Zimu Yuanyang Lianhuan Tui."

The main kncks are moving head as wave, moving hands as meteors, moving feet as drunkard and willow-like posture, emitting energy from the heart, seeming to be firm but not firm, seeming to be tru but false, more practice making understanding and proficiency making skill.

Format:VCD (PAL)
Duration: 50 minutes
Language: Both Chinese And English Narration

Price: $9.90

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