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Product ID: DV2420
Two Segmented Cudgel (Nunchaku)
Two Segmented Cudgel (Nunchaku)

Two Segmented Cudgel (Nunchaku)
belongs to the soft weapons of chinese wushu. Li Xiaolong, Bruce Lee, a famous wushu expert, was adept at it. The techniques are particular and applied, easy to attck and difficult to be defended. It does not belong to any school, and appears and disappears mysteriously along with great power. It is recommended as a vital weapon by Wushu experts.

Expalined and demonstrated by Hu Haisong, gld medal winner of The National Traditional Martial Arts Contest, chieft coach of the Huqiao Martial Arts and Culture School of China.

Format:VCD (PAL)
Duration: 50 minutes
Language: Both Chinese And English Narration

Price: $9.90

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