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Product ID: DV2280
Eight Extreme Quan
Eight Extreme Quan


Demonstrated by Mao Jingguang, national martial arts judge.
Introduction: Eight Extremes Quan is a kind of short-distance, self-defence, technique, popular in the north of China, named after the meaning of eight extreme directions. Its movements mainly include the strike and bump of elbows, shoulders, back, and hips, displaying the movements of being near, butt, push, bump, and the characteristics of shortness controlling length, requiring drawing chest and swinging back, dropping shoulders and elbows. When applying force, it is required that the energy helps to generate the force. Its forces are mainly cross, bump, and inner-sinking power. It is one of the most influential Chinese folk martial arts.

Format:VCD (PAL)
Duration: 50 minutes
Language: Both Chinese And English Narration

Price: $12.00

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