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Product ID: DV1020
Tai Chi Long Pole
Tai Chi Long Pole

Master Li Shu Dong 20th Generation Tai Chi Master. Thirteen Movement Tai Chi Stick (Also called 13 Movement Tai Chi Spear) The large Tai Chi stick is a long, heavy instrument in the weapon world used in Tai Chi movement. It is also one of the oldest Chinese weapon forms. The stick, constructed of white wax wood, is more than three meters in length and has a heavy, rough end. The 13 Movement Tai Chi Stick, although a short form, is full of vitality. In this form every movement, every posture, every type of motion should be very practical. There are no wasted motions or fancy actions, just plain and honest moves without any splendid flourishes. Never-the-less, it does not lose its majestic quality. The technique of this stick involves sticking, blocking, preventing, throwing on, snapping, dragging, hooking, thrusting, shaking, warding off, raising, etc. When you practice this stick, you need to have the foundation of certain fist forms. The posture is a rounded position practiced with open thighs, and energy moves out from the dan tian. The spiraling motions of the shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, knees, and ankles generate the “winding silk” power. Entangled and united together, the big stick and the body produce increased internal energy. It is a special method to increase power and self-test one’s function as to its strength and weakness. This tape is divided into three sections. The form opens into four segments with detailed instructions and special points for each movement by Master Li. Every process is explained in detail. In addition there are guidelines to point out common mistakes and items for attention. This will help the learner to establish correct actions, avoid errors, and progress efficiently from the beginning.

Format: DVD
Language: Choice of English or Mandarin

List Price: $19.00
Price: $9.00

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