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Product ID: DV1019
Chen Tai Chi Single Straight Sword 陈氏太极单剑
Chen Tai Chi Single Straight Sword 陈氏太极单剑
DV1019 -Chen Tai Chi Single Straight Sword 陈氏太极单剑

By Master ShuDong Li

Format: DVD
Language: Choice of English or Mandarin

This straight form is a short weapon world used in Chen Tai Chi. It is also one of the oldest Chinese Weapons There are 49 movements of the Chen Tai Chi Straight Sword. The arrangement of this style is very logical, presenting the method of using the sword very clearly with catting, thrusting, pointing, weeping, leading motions uniting with the elegant body movements of the Chen Tai Chi hand form. When you practice Tai Chi Straight Sword, you need to have the basic foundation of the postures. This includes bowing and stretching, coming and going with strong attack. Then you have body strength along with the sword uniting, Body and sword to move together.
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Price: $15.00

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