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DoubleBag - Leather Double End Speed Bag

Brand new form manufacture. Discount Selling. Leather Professional grade and quality Ideal..


TDS033 - Both Hand Halberd Sword - 双手戟

Where the full length halberd is used primarily as a cavalry the Both-Hand Halberd Sword became adop..


TDS043 - Premium Double Hand Sword 高档双手剑

Premium Double Hand Sword 高档双手剑 The Double Hand Sword, known as Shuang Shou Jian 双手剑 in Chinese..


TDS044 - Double Edge Axe Pair 双片双斧

The ancient double axes are made of lightweight forge steel blade. Both the blade and handle are des..


TDS045 - Single Edge Axe Pair (单片双斧)

Like many martial arts weapons, the Single Edge Axe started out as a common tool, that was later mod..


TDS053 - Double Dagger 汉鼎传统碳黑双匕首

These well crafted daggers are made from one single piece of carbon black metal, with a wrapped hand..


TDS054 - Wushu Double Dagger 双匕首

These well crafted daggers are made from one single peice of solid metal, with wrapped handle. They ..


TDS070 - Tonfa

Designed specifically for Okinawan Karate these tonfa are detailed and of the highest quality. These..


TDS111 - Meridian (Deer Horn) Axe-Light 子午鸳鸯鉞 (轻)

This traditional weapon is most often seen in Bagua styles. It is more rare to see it today, and is ..


TDS113 - Wind and Fire Wheels - pair

TDS113 - Wind and Fire Wheels - pairStaniless Steel Wind and Fire Wheels are one of the many ri..


TDS115 - Judge's Pen 判官笔

A rarely seen weapon today, the Judge's Pen is a metal version of a calligraphy brush, and it's inte..


TDS116 - Twin Hand Axe - 鸳鸯钹

Like many martial arts weapons, the Twin Hand Axe started out as a common tool, that was later modif..


TDS120 - Moon and Sun speared sword_ Stainless Steel

More conventional daggers and knives are used mostly in one of two grips: the “saber” grip (with the..


TDS210 - Premium Double Tai Chi Straight Sword

The Premium Double Tai Chi Straigth Sword is a fine crafted weapon for the true traditional martial ..


TDS217 - Wing Chun Butterfly Sword ( Butterfly Knives )

This Han Ding Double Butterfly Knives is currently the highest quality butterfly knives that we carr..


TDS218 - Wing Chun Kid's Butterfly Sword ( Butterfly Knives )

TDS218 -Wing Chun Kid's Sword ( Butterfly Knives) These butterfly knives are just like our Han ..


TDS305 -Traditional Tiger-Head Hook Swords By Han Ding 汉鼎武韵双钩

Han Ding Premium Traditional Tiger-Head Hook Swords汉鼎传统虎头双钩 The Han Ding Premium Traditional Ti..


TDS307 - Double Tiger Hook Sword - Light Weight

Also known as“Tiger Hooks” or “Tiger Head Hook Swords”. They are traditional Northern kung fu weapon..


TDS308 - Nine Teeth Double Hook Sword

This is an uncommon variation on one of the most common of the exotic weapons.These light weight hoo..


TDS312 - Snake Ring 蛇圈

Snake Rings are one of the many ring weapons of Chinese martial arts. Mainly used in traditional sty..


TDS314 - Traditional Stick Pair 传统双钢鞭

This is one of the traditional paired weapons of Chinese martial arts, rarely seen now it is conside..


WSS031 - Fighting Set Double Broadswords

This sword is designed for fighting sets, but it can also be used to do individual practice. It has ..


WSS050 - Double Butterfly Swords with Case WSS050 - Double Butterfly Swords with Case

This short sword features a broad, single-edged blade, and handguard. Although similar in appearance..


WSS060 - Wushu O-Mei Piercer Stainless Steel WSS060 - Wushu O-Mei Piercer Stainless Steel

The Piercer attached through the finger ring that enable the spike point to spin and attack in any d..


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